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The Munich International Symposium on Risk Factors and Preventive Interventions for Children of Parents with Affective Disorders is taking place on September 19-20th 2018! Registration is now closed.

Full program below:


Since the Symposium is happening a week before „Oktoberfest“, we would advise you to book your travel and accommodation as soon as possible as prices will rise significantly and many places will book-out completely.

HOTELS: we can recommend the „Parkhotel München Laim“, which is a 10 minute drive from the symposium location.

Self-catering: AirBnB may be a good source. The districts close to the symposium are „Neuhausen-Nymphenburg“, „Schwanthalerhöhe“ and „Laim“.

Low-cost: some of our colleagues and friends have offered to help out with private accomodation. If you are struggling to find affordable accommodation please contact us.